ARP Sticker Pack – First Edition!


4x August Radio Project Stickers in Each Pack!

All artwork/illustration by me!

(Shipping = £1.99)

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I don’t know about you, but I freakin’ love stickers! There’s 4 designs in each pack, all were done by me which feels kinda cool. There’s the “I’m an Alien, surrounded by a robotic behaviour” sticker, inspired by the lyrics from my song Crossroads. The “Spread the Sunshine” sticker, which is a reference to what us musicians/buskers do best. The “Busking License” sticker, I worked very hard to clear this license with all the authorities across the entire world so if you ever get told to move on, you just show them this and it’ll give you permission to be there*. Finally, the “Busking is the Answer” sticker, put this on your case or somewhere you can see it to remind yourself in those times of doubt!

The illustration was done by me (ARP!). Stickers are vinyl and kiss-cut.

Either buy them here online or find me busking and I’ll be selling them!

Shipping = £1.99

*This may not be true!


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